Premier Healthcare Solution, LLC
745 Fifth Avenue, Suite 518
New York, NY 10151

About Us

Project History

The Premier Healthcare Solution, LLC bought the proprietary rights to one of the main ingredients for making this plan painless, from an insurance savvy entrepreneur who made a plan similar to ours, work for 260 small businesses with 5,000 workers across America that were involved in his version of this plan over a five-year period. The workers and employers all loved it and it worked flawlessly until it was discovered that he was missing a few ingredients that the law requires and that we have since provided. It was and is a brilliant idea. So brilliant that we have spent half a decade and millions of dollars perfecting the process into the Premier Alternative.

We have engaged a national network of specially trained consultants and licensed professionals to provide a marketing arm. These certified professionals are trained to help you be in position to dramatically improve your healthcare plan for 2021 - at no additional cost to your company or its employees. You need to be prepared to add our plan in 2021.

Our Board President, his assistant and adviser to the Board, and the Board, have guided the 5 year research project and are currently selecting our Executive Staff that will bring our innovative project to market.

Our Executive Offices are located in the heart of the country’s financial center in New York City, with our first state operational field office in New Jersey.