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Better Benefits

We are most proud of the fact that this IRC 105 Medical Reimbursement Plan is 100% non-discriminatory. Every worker (in a company with an ACA compliant group healthcare plan option) who is on any one of the company’s group healthcare plan options (regardless of their pay scale), is eligible for this offer of an allotment of $16,000 in extra benefits – medical claims reimbursement first, and then enhanced retirement benefits for the balance of the allotment – every plan year. There is no employee for which benefiting from this program is out of reach. There are differing conditions for those on family policies and those on single policies, but every worker pays the exact same amount to be involved in this program …absolutely nothing! Every payday they will take home the same amount to pay their bills as they would have if they did not opt to be part of this program. And, they will never be required to pay one dime out of any of their income during their entire lifetime to pay for any assistance they may have received from this plan. This is not like most 105 plans that a huge percentage of employees with zero disposable income, cannot afford. Every one of your workers can afford this Premier Alternative because it costs them nothing!