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Employee Benefits

Add $16,650 In Annual Medical Reimbursement And Retirement Benefits For Every Employee At No Cost To Them And Zero Net Cost To Your Company

This starts with an OOP insurance for your participants that will provide funds to reimburse deductibles and co-pays on your group major medical plan for the year. First, medical reimbursements are provided up to $16,650. By each plan year’s end, the balance of the allotment will provide enhanced retirement benefits for the employee, and this will not cost any employee on your group plan one dime from their income. Every employee can afford this OOP insurance, from the lowest paid to the highest paid.

• Money for out-of-pocket deductibles and co-pays
• Less Risk: Possibly avoid bankruptcy over medical costs
• Lower Taxes
• Enhanced benefits at retirement
• Same take home pay even with the Premier Alternative added
• No payments or other costs for employee’s entire lifetime
• Help with medical expenses upon retirement