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Employer Benefits

We Could Absorb Your Premium Cost Increases at ZERO NET COST for Your Company and Reduced OOP Risks for Your Employees

No need to change your insurance provider or your basic plan. Our add-on, out-of-pocket (OOP) assistance supplement will allow you to eliminate the increase and dramatically lower the out-of-pocket risks for all employees on your plan. You can do so at zero net cost, and every employee can afford it because it costs each of them nothing. Calculate what every ten percent rise in your portion of the premium costs back in your pocket would mean to you … and to your employee’s portion of those premiums … as we absorb those increases. Add $500 per employee per year in net payroll tax savings. Then calculate what it would cost you to add $16,000 every year per employee to your benefits plan. All of this at zero net cost to your company.