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Enhanced Social Security
And Medicare

Will the Social Security Fund fail before your employees retire? The Social Security system reserves deficit has been a major concern for a while. As yet, the government has not been able to produce a reasonable solution to avoid it. We discovered while striving to stay in compliance with all the ERISA rules and IRS Codes involved in our program, a way to do our part to secure Social Security and Medicare for all workers in America. It may be hard to believe, but involving our non-profit connection in this whole program not only resolves one of our main duties as a Fiduciary to make this program totally non-discriminatory, but could enable the employees collectively on this program to return the Social Security and Medicare Programs to a solid fiscal foundation. We will let our program presenter explain all that in person, but we believe that if all the employers in America were on this risk free add-on to their group healthcare plan, we would be able collectively to bolster those plans and avoid any shortfall in the future without the need for any government bail out to fully restore the Social Security and Medicare reserve accounts. Our program could also set them up to avoid future problems.