The Premier AlternativeTM  provides a special voluntary out-of-pocket insurance plan that reimburses employees for the lion’s share of their deductibles and co-pays on their medical claims. Assistance is provided by a non-profit organization, so that adding this supplement to their group plan will not negatively impact the take home pay of any employee from the highest paid to the lowest paid employee on the group’s plan (no discrimination here).  The Premier Alternative is a highly unique and proprietary plan that could solve many of the problems facing employers and employees in this difficult time. The full program will not only bring painless relief in paying for health insurance, and the resulting claims, but it can also provide assistance in caring for the retirement needs of workers.

This program has been six years in the making.  We were determined to bring a real answer to some real problems facing our nation and its workforce. We have involved highly qualified experts in law, accounting, insurance, and economics (with expert outside validation on all aspects of this plan). It has required a great deal of our time and money to make our contribution.  As concerned Americans we have also carefully considered the effect our pre-tax plan would have on the collection of all forms of taxes. We have endeavored to find a painless solution for all parties involved and to execute it in a manner that complies with the rules. Surprisingly, it offers extra benefits to the GDP of the US economy as well.  We have come up with something that may require some extra effort toward understanding the whole picture, but when you do, it will be quite remarkable.


We Could Absorb Your Premium Cost Increases At Zero Net Cost For Your Company And Reduced OOP Risks For Your Employees

No need to change your insurance provider or your basic plan.  Our add-on, out-of-pocket (OOP) assistance supplement will allow you to eliminate the increase and dramatically lower the out-of-pocket risks for all employees on your plan. You can do so at zero net cost, and every employee can afford it because it costs each of them nothing. Calculate what every ten percent rise in your portion of the premium costs back in your pocket would mean to you … and to your employee’s portion of those premiums … as we absorb those increases. Add $500 per employee per year in net payroll tax savings. Then calculate what it would cost you to add $16,000 every year per employee to your benefits plan. All of this at zero net cost to your company.


Add $16,000 In Annual Medical Reimbursement And Retirement Benefits For Every Employee At No Cost To Them And Zero Net Cost To Your Company

This starts with an OOP insurance for your participants that will provide funds to reimburse deductibles and co-pays on your group major medical plan for the year.  First, medical reimbursements are provided up to $16,000.  By each plan year’s end, the balance of the allotment will provide enhanced retirement benefits for the employee, and this will not cost any employee on your group plan one dime from their income. Every employee can afford this OOP insurance, from the lowest paid to the highest paid.

  • Money for out-of-pocket deductibles and co-pays.
  • Less Risk: Possibly avoid bankruptcy over medical costs
  • Lower Taxes
  • Enhanced benefits at retirement
  • Same take home pay even with the Premier Alternative added
  • No payments or other costs for employee’s entire lifetime
  • Help with medical expenses upon retirement

Testimonials From
the 5-Year Small Business Pilot Program

  • I would like to take a moment to let you know we think about this special program here at my company. About four years ago our insurance agent presented this program to us and it sounded too good to be true. Honestly, we thought it was, so we had our accountant have it deciphered. His results proved my wishes and we started the program. We have a company of approximately 55 employees who truly love the program. Every year all my employees found out that it did NOT negatively affect their tax returns, which is very important to them. That was the turning point for them. As most companies have experienced, due to rising health care costs, we have had to increase our deductible to be able to offer cost effective health care to our employees and their families. Having this plan allows our employees to turn in eligible out of pocket medical expenses to get up to 75% reimbursement. This has never been possible, and we cannot thank you enough.

  • Beginning in August 2014, we decided to begin participating in this special program. Truthfully, it was primarily for monetary reasons due to the rising costs of healthcare and the effects the ACA was and would be having on our small company. Since we joined in August we have been nothing but pleased. Obviously the company ran all the numbers for our employees, and our company and found what worked best as far as expenses. The 75% reimbursement on our medical expenses has been a lifesaver for more than half of our employees. It is a simple process to send claims for reimbursement and the turnaround time has been great. We would like to thank you for bringing this program into our company. We appreciate you always keeping our best interest at heart.

  • I am so proud to say our company is part of this. For the first time ever, I feel secure with the true professionals I have worked with the home office and my agent. My company was able to provide benefits and keep in full compliance with the changing regulations. I am so grateful my company is involved.

  • I would like to thank all the staff for such Quality Service. My claims are paid very promptly, and I have never had any issues. I am very glad I chose this plan as it has helped me financially with my insurance responsibilities. Thank you all for great service!

  • One of the biggest financial burdens anyone can face is that of a medical nature. With rising insurance premiums, and doctor and hospital costs, it is easy to ignore medical bills, throwing your credit score into a downward spiral. With this program, we now have a way to help pay for medical services rendered, giving us, peace of mind knowing that our family is always taken care of. In the past six months alone, my family has saved over $2500.00 for basic medical services.