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Lower Premiums

Agents and the employer know that the way to get insurers to lower their premium costs back down is to reduce the plan benefits for the employees.

Doing that will lower the risk for the insurer and then they can lower the premium cost. The most widely used alteration is to raise the deductibles on the plan. Thus, many employers raise their deductibles and pass more of the risk on to the workers in order to lower the cost of the plan for both the employer and the employees. But, until now there was no way to lower the premiums without increasing the risks or eliminating some benefits for the employees. With the Premier Alternative, we help the employee pay the lionís share of their deductibles and co-pays on claims, so even if the deductibles are raised, the employee is paying far less for them than they would have. In actuality, if you add the Premier Alternative, you are reducing the risk for the employees while lowering the premium costs, and the Premier Alternative adds no extra cost for the worker to pay for it. Problem solved!