Testimonials From
the 5 Year Small Business Pilot Program

I would like to take a moment to let you know we think about this special program here at my company. About four years ago our insurance agent presented this program to us and it sounded too good to be true. Honestly, we thought it was, so we had our accountant have it deciphered. His results proved my wishes and we started the program. We have a company of approximately 55 employees who truly love the program. Every year all my employees found out that it did NOT negatively affect their tax returns, which is very important to them. That was the turning point for them. As most companies have experienced, due to rising health care costs, we have had to increase our deductible to be able to offer cost effective health care to our employees and their families. Having this plan allows our employees to turn in eligible out of pocket medical expenses to get up to 75% reimbursement. This has never been possible, and we cannot thank you enough. 


Beginning in August 2014, we decided to begin participating in this special program. Truthfully, it was primarily for monetary reasons due to the rising costs of healthcare and the effects the ACA was and would be having on our small company. Since we joined in August we have been nothing but pleased. Obviouslythe company ran all the numbers for our employees, and our company and found what worked best as far as expenses. The 75% reimbursement on our medical expenses has been a lifesaver for more than half of our employees. It is a simple
process to send claims for reimbursement and the turnaround time has been great. We would like to thank you
for bringing this program into our company. We appreciate you always keeping our best interest at heart. 


I am so proud to say our company is part of this. For the first time ever, I feel secure with the true professionals I have worked with the home office and my agent. My company was able to provide benefits and keep in full compliance with the changing regulations. I am so grateful my company is involved. 


I would like to thank all the staff for such Quality Service. My claims are paid very promptly, and I have never had any issues. I am very glad I chose this plan as it has helped me financially with my insurance responsibilities. Thank you all for great service! 


One of the biggest financial burdens anyone can face is that of a medical nature. With rising insurance premiums, and doctor and hospital costs, it is easy to ignore medical bills, throwing your credit score into a downward spiral. With this program, we now have a way to help pay for medical services rendered, giving us, peace of mind knowing that our family is always taken care of. In the past six months alone, my family has saved over $2500.00 for basic medical services. 


As a client of the special 105 program for almost 5 years, I would like to offer my perspective on this. Right up front I want to make it clear that I am a strong proponent. Given the increasing financial burden that our current health care/insurance system places on working Americans, it was so refreshing to introduce a product that puts money in the pockets of our employees.

I appreciate the time you have taken to explain how the program works and provide insight into some of the complexities that accompany program. I imagine most of your prospective clients demonstrate a level of skepticism when confronted with a “too good to be true” product. I know I did. But those who take the time to objectively understand how the pieces. fit together, and get their questions answered, will see how this innovative product can help their business and their employees.

The medical reimbursement portion of the plan has provided greater flexibility for both our employees and the Squad when offering and selecting health insurance options. The claim reimbursement process is straightforward and reliable. The program may add a bit more complexity to the health insurance enrollment process,if employers offer more than one plan option like we do. But the financial benefits to the employee and the company are well worth it.

Thank you for introducing us to this plan and we look forward too many more years of participation in the program.


Our school has been participating in the program for over two years now. We have been very pleased with the decision to implement the program to improve the benefit package to our teachers. As of November 2014, we have submitted over 25 claims just over $8000.00 and they were quickly paid out for their reimbursement accounts. If they have any questions they contact our representative or call customer service for assistance. I would definitely recommend this program to other private schools or any other business.